List of Prices for Services Provided by BGREEN HERS RATERS as of 03/01/2015







Duct Sealing Duct Test required for zones 2, 9-16 Single Family Residence $259.00
Refrigerant Charge Verification Required for zones 2, 8-15 Single Family Residence
  (1st system) if more than one ($100 per unit)
Combo Package 1 (Duct Sealing
  & Charge Verification)
Both tests conducted on the same single family residence $335.00
Duct Testing for Commercial
Per system for required testing $300.00
Certification Fee (charged by
  provider co) (to be added to each/all
  above services)
This includes processing the forms required:
  CF-2R  and  CF-3R
Test Failed Return to re-test $225.00
Permit Fee Here is going to be described the Permit Service $0.00 Pend.
Other Fees If requested our inspectors may assist installers to locate
  leaks in ducts
per hour